Working people in unions stand for an inclusive economy that lifts wages, improves working conditions and grows the middle class. We believe in the dignity of work and that everyone has a right to share in our collective prosperity. The labor movement fights for a better life for all of America's working people. This includes fighting to elect candidates who reflect and uphold our values.


A job provides not just wages and benefits, but dignity and a sense of well-being and financial security. Not only should everyone who wants to work have a job, but that job should provide a fair wage that allows them to support themselves and their families.

Fair Trade

For too long, Congress has clung stubbornly to trade rules that generate corporate profits at the expense of higher wages and good jobs for working people. Trade deals should be enforceable and enforced, put an end to currency misalignment and manipulation, and improve the rights and working conditions of all working people.

Freedom to Join Unions

All working people should be able to join a union without facing intimidation and the endless legal wrangling corporations deploy to prevent democratic, worker-led organizing campaigns. Our legislators need to protect the rights of all working people to negotiate for higher wages and better working conditions and put teeth in enforcement when employers violate established labor law.

Health Care and Retirement Security

Quality health care and a secure retirement should be basic rights for all Americans. Medical care and medications should be affordable for all. Americans also should be confident they can retire with dignity and know Social Security, Medicare and their pensions are secure.

Quality Education and Career Training Programs

We have a responsibility to ensure that every child in America can go to a safe, well-resourced public school with reasonable class sizes and where teachers have the support to do their job.

Higher education should be affordable without leaving young people in debt, and skills and career training programs need to be supported and expanded.

Safe and Inclusive Workplaces

All workers should be able to go to work without fear and be safe and respected while at work. That means ensuring aspiring Americans aren’t being exploited, and that women, people of color and LGBTQ workers are treated fairly and not subjected to harassment and violence. It also means providing an avenue to sue racist, sexist or homophobic bosses and co-workers.

Tax Fairness

The only way to create a fairer and more just society is for corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes. We must end tax subsidies that encourage the outsourcing and offshoring of jobs that hurt America’s workers and America’s bottom line.

Wall Street Reform

The financial crisis in 2008 was, for many Americans, the most devastating economic shock of their lives and it was largely preventable. The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act took significant steps in ensuring that such a crisis would never occur again, but those regulations are now under attack by Wall Street bankers. Our legislators should not only protect Dodd–Frank, but go even further and break up too-big-to-fail banks.

We cannot afford to return to failed economic policies. Our financial system should support the American economy, protect the public from predatory lending and other exploitative financial products, and provide fair services to working people.

WorkFamily Balance

Working people should be able to balance their jobs and their families without being forced to make impossible choices. Good jobs should provide benefits, including paid sick and family leave, so that no one has to choose between financial security and their health.

Workplace Health and Safety

Worker safety should be a top priority for every employer in America and should be considered a basic necessity of every workplace and worksite. Our legislators should enhance funding for worker protection programs and oppose laws—such as one that increases line speeds in processing plants—that blatantly put corporate profits ahead of worker safety.